Traustur from Neðri Bakka

Traustur is a five-gaited chestnut with star gelding from 2008.

Traustur was one of our stud stallions for a few years. He was gelded and put into training in spring 2015. Traustur is a medium sized, elegant horse. He is very energetic, with well separated gaits. He has developed good, large strides in trot, and also has a comfortable, stable canter. A good looking, easy going, all round horse.


Father: Þótti frá Wetsinghe · FF: Prúður frá Wetsinghe · MF: Hrefna vom Wiesenhof

Mother: Tign fra Ahl · MF: Óður frá Brún · MM: Tvenna frá Kópavogi


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