Elfa from Neðri Bakka

Elfa is a chestnut filly born in early 2014. She is extremely outgoing an energetic, as well as independent. Approximately one week after she was born, she created huge gaps between her mother and her, wandering off or sleeping! She is the second foal from Eldvaka from Neðri Bakka.

ELFA FROM NEÐRI BAKKA · NZ2014202001 · BLUP 28/12/2015: 105

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Stormur fra Tornbjerg


Stormur is a chestnut stallion born in Denmark in June 2007. His father, Gustur frá Grund, is an exceptional sire with a large number of highly
rated offsprings. His mother, Maistjarna fra Tornbjerg, is out of one of Denmark’s best performing pedigrees.

Stormur has a strong topline and muscular front. Definitely five gaited. Stormur was briefly introduced to breeding in the season 2009-10, but had his real debut in 2010-11.

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Eldvaka from Neðri Bakka

Eldvaka has excellent bloodlines, and her mother Eldfim fra Narfastodum, was in foal with Eldvaka when she was imported to New Zealand. Not only is she a very good brood mare, she is an excellent, spirited riding mare. Eldvaka is very eager to work and well balanced.

ELDVAKA FROM NEÐRI BAKKA · NZ2008202011 · BLUP 28/12/15: 106

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Eldfim frá Narfastöðum

Eldfim is a true globetrotter. She was born in Iceland in 1995, exported to Denmark in 2001 and relocated to New Zealand in 2006.

Eldfim is a mare with outstanding qualities. She is judged in 1.class in Denmark 2003 (Confirmation 8.24; Ridden abilities 7.86; Total 8.01) and in Iceland in 2000 (Confirmation 7.92; Ridden abilities 7.93; Total 7.92) Eldfim is breeding excellent offsprings of high homogen quality. She is calm and easy going mare with a strong nurturing spirit.

ELDFIM FRÁ NARFASTÖÐUM · IS1995258467 · BLUP 28/12/15: 100

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Eldtinna fra Ahl

Eldtinna is a black mare born in Denmark May 2007. She is very elegant and showing very good movements. Eldtinna is an excellent horse to ride and has exceptional smooth tolt. She is a naturally collected mare, with a clear beat in tölt.

Eldtinna’s father, Gæfur fra Ebeltoft, is judged in 1. class and has achieved 8.33 in confirmation. He has competed successfully several times at the Danish Championships, latest in 2007 where he (ridden by Tinna Viskum Madsen) won both Gold and Silver. Gæfur also has the highest BLUP for proportion in the world. Eldtinna has a strong nurturing spirit, just like her mother Eldfim frá Narfastöðum.

ELDTINNA FRÁ AHL · DK2007205240 · BLUP 28/12/15: 101

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Tindra from Neðri Bakka

Tindra is a chestnut mare from 2009. She is fully trained and carries a rider confidently. Tindra is eager to work, and is transitioning with ease between tölt and trot. In 2016 she had her first foal – a chestnut filly.

TINDRA FROM NEÐRI BAKKA · NZ2009202016 · BLUP 28/12/15: 105 

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Maistjarna frá Tornbjerg

Maistjarna was born in 2003 in Denmark and was imported to New Zealand in 2006. Her father, Sprettur frá Faksemosevej, is highly judged with 8.03 in confirmation and 8,40 in ridden abilities. Sprettur’s halfbrother Leiknir frá Sotofte represented Denmark at the world championship in Holland 2007. Leiknir won bronce and was with 8.57 rewarded one of the highest scores at the world championship in ridden abilities.

Maistjarna’s mother is judged just below first class with 7,90 for confirmation and 7,88 for ridden abilities, total 7,89. She won silver in T.1 at the Danish Championship in 1992.


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Eldmist from Neðri Bakka

Eldmist is a red dun mare born in 2009. She is the third filly we have got after our imported 1st class mare Eldfim frá Narfastöðum.

She, like other offspring from Eldfim, has a clear beated tölt and willingness to go forward. She has been fully trained, and so far has had one foal.

ELDMIST FROM NEÐRI BAKKA · NZ2009202014 · BLUP 28/12/2015: 102


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Glæsir from Lukka

Glæsir is a black gelding born in New Zealand in January 2003. He is one of our main riding horses, and is simply a pleasure to ride. Glæsir has a smooth tölt and is very easily collected. He is very calm and easy going, and for that reason he is used a lot when we are training our young horses as hand-horses.


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