Tindur from Neðri Bakka

Tindur is a gelding born in 2010, and trained in Spring 2014. His training was ongoing and he has developed into a superb riding horse! Tindur has defined gaits, which includes a flowing and smooth tolt, as well as a strong and springing canter/gallop. He is easy to work with, and he oozes charm and character. As well as being calm and easy going, Tindur is eager to work for the rider and yields well to the aids. His balance is excellent, and this is clearly shown in his tolt.

  TINDUR FROM NEÐRI BAKKA · NZ2010101003 · BLUP  01/11/2014: 103




Hrund from Neðri Bakka

Hrund is a chestnut pinto mare born in 2009. She is quiet, attentive and clever and likes to stay out of the hustle and bustle. She loves a good brushing and enjoys it with great patience. Hrund was a first time mother in 2013/14. Her mothering and nurturing spirit is very good,Hrund which was absolutely expected of her as her personality is very loving and calming. Hrund’s basic training started August 2014 and she did very well, and as we expected, is an awesome riding horse too! Congratulations to her owners!

HRUND FROM NEÐRI BAKKA · NZ2009202015 · BLUP 11/07/14: 98


Mila from Neðri Bakka

Mila 2 (1)Mila 2 (2)

Mila from Nedri Bakka was born in Spring 2010, chestnut with blaze mare. Her training started in Spring 2014, and is ongoing. She is a harmonic built, elegant horse. Her tolt is tension free and energetic. She carries the rider exceptionally well, and keeps a clear consistent beat. Mila is very willing to work and so is highly responsive to the aids. She enjoys the company of both people and horses, and is a delight to ride.