Stormur fra Tornbjerg


Stormur is a chestnut stallion born in Denmark in June 2007. His father, Gustur frá Grund, is an exceptional sire with a large number of highly
rated offsprings. His mother, Maistjarna fra Tornbjerg, is out of one of Denmark’s best performing pedigrees.

Stormur has a strong topline and muscular front. Definitely five gaited. Stormur was briefly introduced to breeding in the season 2009-10, but had his real debut in 2010-11.

STORMUR FRÁ TORNBJERG · DK2007105337 · BLUP 12/07/14: 105

Gustur frá Grund · FF: Flosi frá Brunnum · FM: Flugsvinn frá Bræðratungu

Mother: Maistjarna fra Tornbjerg · MF: Sprettur fra Faksemosevej · MM: Fríða frá Tungufelli