Stjarni from Neðri Bakka

Stjarni is a strongly built, black gelding with a white star. Born in 2011, he has been in training since spring 2016 and is very well-trained for his age. He is light on the reins and sensitive to the aids, making for a soft and supple horse. Stjarni’s preferred gait is tölt, which is very smooth and energetic. Gentle-natured and willing to learn, Stjarni has been a pleasure to train and will be ready to go soon!

Stjarni is in price category C. (Please click here for price categories and other sale info ). This price also includes an offer of a free weekend course. During the course, you will receive training advice and coaching for you and your new horse.

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Father: Traustur from Neðri Bakka · FF: Þótti frá Wetsinghe · FM: Tign fra Ahl

Mother: Rán from Lukka · MF: Hvinur from Lukka · MM: Hrima from Lukka