Sale info

Nedri Bakki only sells 4 year old or older horses that have been through our extensive training programme. Our horses for sale are ready to be ridden in a way which is a pleasure for both the horse and the owner. We make sure that the owner is comfortable and enjoys spending time with their trained horse.

Every year we have a group of around 3-5 young horses that we train and prepare to go to their new homes. We sell horses according to abilities, pedigree and age.

We now offer the option of an agreed payment plan. Contact us for more details.

Post buying workshop

When we sell a horse (or a group of horses), we hold an ‘owners workshop’. During this workshop the owner learns about the training their horses have been through and gets to know how to get the ultimate experience with the horses. During the two days, owners will train their horse from the ground as well as ride and experience the personality and characteristics of their new horse(s). This workshop is a standard practice at Neðri Bakki. It has proved very successful and has been very highly appreciated by our clients. Many of them have returned for follow-up training.