Rán from Lukka

Rán is a fivegaited, lightly build mare. She is blue-dun with a cheerful spirit from 2005.

She is lively and mischievous and can make someone smile and laugh easily. Rán excels in her natural gait which is tölt. Her trot has been built up over the years and it is now effortless. Ideally, Rán should continue to build up muscle, which is fun to do as this would consist of work outon the treks and trails. Rán has good stamina and is great to ride. She is tough and spirited, but is also very gentle. It has been a pleasure to train her, simply because she is great. We wish the best for her and her new owners!

RÁN FROM LUKKA · NZ2005202009


Father: Hvinur from Lukka · FF: Dux von Roetgen · FM: Sunna frá LaugabæRan

Mother: Hrima from Lukka · MF: Dux von Roetgen · MM: Desilóa frá Torfastöðum



2011 Stjarni from Neðri Bakka

2009 Geysir from Neðri Bakka