Heykir from Neðri Bakka

Heykir from Neđri Bakka is a relatively tall, brown-black gelding from 2011. He is a lightly-built horse, who is willing and usually seeks trot. Heykir has a very inquisitive nature and is very easy-going both when ridden, and in the stables. We wish Heykir and his new owner all the best!

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All Black from Neðri Bakka

All Black is a black gelding, born in spring 2011 at Neđri Bakki. He is a lightly built, medium sized horse. All Black has an easy to find, smooth and natural tölt. He has, like most Icelandic horses, an energetic walk, and his canter is strong and well defined. We wish All Black and his new owner all the best for the future!

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Haylage arrives!

We have received haylage in the last few days, so we are now prepared for the year ahead!