New foals at Nedri Bakki


We had an awesome foaling season! We welcomed six foals: four fillies and two colts. Four of them are painted. All our six foals are sired by GneistiThe painted fillies of 2009- Hrund and Maja von Roetgen.

Eldmist was the first foal to arrive. She was born November 22, 2009. Her dam is Eldfim Fra Narfastödum. We named her Eldmist because the day she was born was misty and all Eldfim’s offsprings’ names start with “eld” which means “electricity, energy”. Eldmist is red-dun – a rare color – and she is a real charmer! Eldmist is at least 4 gaited, still with a preference for tölt, but showing some trot occasionally. Alexia has already taught her how to behave when she is groomed and how she should collaborate when cleaning her hooves.
Hrund was the second arrival this season. She is a beautiful light-built painted filly. She is the fourth foal of Hrima from Lukka. Hrund is clearly 4-gaited.
We got two foals December 6, 2009 – one in the morning and one in the evening! Tign fra Ahl delivered Tindra at 8.30am and we were lucky to observe the delivery. Tindra means “glowing, shining”. She is a beautiful chestnut filly with a star on her forehead. She has a lovely personality – she follows us in the paddock without being pushy and she just loves being patted and hugged.
Friður was born the same day as Tindra. His arrival was a bit of a surprise as he was a little early and his mother Perla from Lukka wasn’t really showing any of the usual delivery signs – but on the other hand this is not unusual for mares delivering for first time. Friður was delivered in the early afternoon, and we just discovered him on the paddock during our evening round. Friður is black-grey painted colt with a strong over-line. Being alone in the paddock with only his mother and another young mare has made him rather cheeky. This will hopefully change when he is introduced to the other foals and the more experienced and less tolerant mares.
Then came Maja – number 5 foal (number 4 filly) this season. Again, we spotted the event which rather unusually happened at 7pm. So, we were able to see how Majstjarna delivered Maja. Maja is a painted filly, lightly build with a very nice lift in her tölt. Maja will most likely turn out being 5-gaited.
Finally, we got Geysir who concluded the foaling season! He was born January 13 and is Ran from Lukka‘s first baby. We thought he is a bundle of energy, hence his name, which means “energy“. He is adorable, light grey/brownish painted colt with a dorsal stripe in the coloured parts.2009 filly Eldmist            Tindra with mum, Tign             2009 filly Tindra


2009 colt Fridur with mum Perla