New Foals at Neðri Bakka – Season 2010


Another great foaling season is over for Neđri Bakki! In November 2010 four new foals were born, two fillies and two colts, all sired by Þótti frá 2010 foalsWetsinghe from the Skógarrönd Stud.

Like last season, Eldfim Fra Narfastödum was the first one to deliver. She stuck to her wonderful routine to deliver fillies. (Eldfim has by now delivered 8 foals, all of them fillies.) We named her last arrival Eldbrún. Eldbrún was delivered November 14 and is bay. She is not afraid of anything and very curious and explorative. Like her mother, Eldbrún has a very good over-line and well sloped shoulders. Eldbrún will follow her three of her sisters- Eldtina fra Ahl, Eldvaka from Neđri Bakka and Eldmist from Neđri Bakka-and go into our breeding program.

November 17th brought a double joy to the team of the farm – not one, but two foals were born. This seems to start being a tradition at Neđri Bakki – we had a double delivery also in 2009. This time Hrima delivered her 5th foal (number 3 offspring delivered on our farm) – a black colt whom we named Christur. The same day Tign delivered Tindur, a chestnut colt with a blaze. Tindur is a full brother to Traustur from Neđri Bakka with whom we started breeding this year. Christur is showing a nice and easy tölt in the paddocks. It looks like Christur will turn out to be a great riding horse, like is full brother Reykir. (Reykir has recently been broken in, trained and sold).

Mila was the fourth and last foal born this season. November 19 Maistjarna thought she shouldn’t wait longer and she rather contributes with a playmate for the other three foals. Mila is indeed a playful filly, pacing around in the paddocks and never bored. She is a well-proportioned chestnut filly with a blaze.

All foals were born without any need for our intervention. All in all, we are very happy with the four new foals and we are looking forward to experiencing their development in the years to come.

Tindur    Christur    Christur