New foal at Nedri Bakki – Traustur


Tign fra Ahl has delivered a chestnut colt (Þótti frá Wetsinghe, is black and Tign is bay!!) on the 10th of December! Although Tign had a foaling Tign and her foalalarm attached to her halter, we only discovered the colt in the morning, just standing next to his mother on the paddock close to the house.

It looks like Tign did not lay on the ground for long, or at least her head was up – maybe she was curious herself to see what offspring she would get. This was Tign’s first foal and number three born at our farm.

We followed closely (and anxiously) whether the colt would get milk from his mother. With a great relief we can say that he is drinking well, running around and also taking his time to get a nap in between. Mum and child are doing extremely well and we can now start Trausturthe family brainstorming and negotiating process regarding the name of our latest arrival.