New filly at Nedri Bakki

28/05/2008One week old

On the 28th of May one of our imported mares from Denmark, Eldfim frá Narfastöðum delivered a chestnut filly. This is the second filly born on our farm. We named the new arrival Eldvaka from Nedri Bakka. In Icelandic language “eld” means “fire” and “vaka” means “awake”. The filly is very much awake and she decided to keep us awake too: the long way Eldfim had to undertake from Denmark to NZ resulted in her not being able to produce milk this time, so we are bottle-feeding Eldvaka.

Eldvaka is an offspring from the Danish stallion Jon Forseti fra Ahl who is showing an awesome toelt and willingness, features Eldvaka has already started demonstrating while roaming the paddocks.Eldvaka fast