Mila from Neðri Bakka

Mila 2 (1)Mila 2 (2)

Mila from Nedri Bakka was born in Spring 2010, chestnut with blaze mare. Her training started in Spring 2014, and is ongoing. She is a harmonic built, elegant horse. Her tolt is tension free and energetic. She carries the rider exceptionally well, and keeps a clear consistent beat. Mila is very willing to work and so is highly responsive to the aids. She enjoys the company of both people and horses, and is a delight to ride.



Father: Þótti frá Wetsinghe · FF: Prúður frá Wetsinghe · MF: Hrefna vom Wiesenhof

Mother: Maistjerna fra Tornbjerg · MF: Sprettur fra Faksemosevej · MM: Fríða frá Tungufelli

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