Manners, please!


The breeding season has begun and Traustur will be used in hand breeding this year. He is a responsive and friendly stallion, but as he has notTraustur trained by Vanessa 7 been broken in yet and lived most of the time comparatively indepent from humans as the leader of the bachelor herd, his manners needed a brief brush-up.


Therefore Traustur recently attended a refreshment session in respect and good behaviour. The training was given by equine specialist Vanessa Randell. Before the actual training began Traustur was allowed to say hello to the two mares in the stables, Desiloa and Eldvaka. While he was meant to tease Desiloa, he was more interested in young Eldvaka, who – being at the peak of her heat – was much more approachable . Traustur got very excited and attempted to rise a couple of times, but Vanessa had the situation well under control.

In the arena Vanessa worked Traustur from the ground using a long rope for leading, signalling and lunging. The subjects were respect, attention and faith. Vanessa had to put her foot down a few times, but all in all Traustur was very responsive and quickly got the idea. Being a rather sensitive horse Traustur would get stressed at times. At one instance, for example, when Vanessa had asked him to step sideways, Traustur just continued to walk away from her. Vanessa remained calm and patient, but perstistently kept close, until Traustur finally came to a halt and tolarated her next to him. At the end of her training Traustur contentedly accepted her lead. Then Kenneth took over and briefly repeated the excersises under guidance of Vanessa, so that he can continue the training on a regular basis and consolidate this day’s success.

Before Traustur was brought back to his paddock, he had to endure a quick mending of his hooves and having to stand still he grew slightly impatient. Passing the stables again he followed Vanessa much more mannerly, although he was clearly disappointed that he had to move on,but when they arrived at his paddock, he just could not wait to be released, earning himself detention.

All in all this first training was a great success and with a few repetitions Traustur will soon be as well behaved as Stormur and ready for breeding.

Traustur trained by Vanessa 6                          Traustur trained by Vanessa 5                          Traustur trained by Vanessa 4


Traustur getting his hooves done