Mæra from Neðri Bakka $13,500

Mæra is a dark chestnut mare with a full light mane and a lot of character! She is energetic and has excellent gaits, including a flowing trot and a high-lifting, elegant and smooth tölt. Mæra is 5 years old and has been in training for the past year, which has shown her develop very well.

Through her training, it has become clear that both tölt and trot come naturally to her, and due to her character and fantastic gaits, she has been enjoyable to train. Mæra is ideal for the more advanced rider.


Father: Traustur from Neðri Bakka · FF: Þótti frá Wetsinghe · FM: Tign fra Ahl

Mother: Maistjarna fra Tornbjerg · MF: Sprettur fra Faksemosevej ·MM: Fríða frá Tungufelli

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