Kvika from Neðri Bakka

Kvika is a forward going, chestnut mare with a star, from 2011. Kvika is a very well-mannered and willing riding horse with nerves of steel. She has an energetic walk, and is willing to work. She is displaying both tölt and trot when asked, and has developed an excellent balance and lightness on the reins. Kvika has a forward going and energetic tölt, as well as a smooth, flowing trot. Her canter is powerful and uplifted.


Father: Traustur from Neðri Bakka · FF: Þótti frá Wetsinghe · FM: Tign fra Ahl

Mother: Maistjarna fra Tornbjerg · MF: Sprettur fra Faksemosevej · MM: Fríða frá Tungufelli

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