Icelandic horses in the center of attention


Our horses have been given quite much attention recently. The international magazine for Icelandic horses, Eiđfaxi, published an article aboutScandinavian event 3 Neđri Bakki in its 2008, no. 8 issue. 4 pages were devoted to our stud and to Icelandic horses in New Zealand. The article also reported on the importance of NZ joining FEIF.
We also featured 2 of our horses, Asti and Glaisir, at the very popular Breakfast program on NZ TV1.

Finally, we presented 3 of our horses, Glæsir, Hnaggur and Asti at the Scandinavian Festival March 28 at Alexandra Park, Auckland. Together with 2 of the horses belonging to Jennie Boerema – Þótti and Biscup, it was an impressive group of 5 horses and 4 riders (Alexia, Scandinavian event 2Kenneth, Jennie and Tatjana, a certified horse trainer from Germany), Asti following as hand horse along the other horses. The show was great: it took place at the race track at Alexandra park where the horses could demonstrate all their power and drive. The tolt was beautiful and the audience was fascinated. We were an impressive team of 6 people – the 4 riders + Snejina and Bernd as ground staff – who had the pleasure to answer all possible questions by many of the 400 Scandinavians and Kiwis who have attended the Festival.