Hrímnir Products

At Neðri Bakki Icelandic Horses we are always looking for the best, including the equipment we use. We are therefore proud to have become exclusive dealer of the Icelandic Hrímnir saddles and tack in New Zealand.

Hrímnir products are reknown for their high quality and the saddles are extremely durable, comfortable and adjustable. We have a selection of saddles at hand for demonstration and offer interested potential clients the possibility to test them.

Detailed information about the saddles and the other products, including photos and videos, are available from

Hrímnir Saddles

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There are a number of features that make Hrímnir saddles extremely comfortable.

One such feature is a unique saddletree, which is molded with Dupont® specially designed polymers and which is manufactured with raw materials produced in the USA and guaranteed for 20 years. The tree is not affected by temperature changes, providing exceptional flexibility and resistance. It distributes the rider’s weight evenly over the horse’s back and allows brilliant contact between rider and horse. The new interchangeable gullet system allows the rider to modify the width of the tree from medium to extra-wide, using only a screwdriver. This offers the possibility to adjust the saddle to different horses’ back and riding positions.

Another design innovation is the special soft knee padding in the seat which retains its shape and which is very comfortable. An additional attribute is the fact that the stirrup bars are recessed under the tree. This helps the correct positioning and balancing of the rider and avoiding uncomfortable bulging. The Bayflex® padding retains its shape extremely well which eliminates the need for annual re-packing of the pads.

To make the saddle both stable and adaptable, the Hrímnir people have developed an exclusive design of the billets. The billets are long and strap the saddle down at 3 points on each side. This relieves the pressure on the shoulder and positions the girth correctly.