Hrima and Maistjarna in training

08/12/2008Hrima in training

This spring we have broken in two of our mares, Hrima from Lukka and Maistjarna fra Tornbjerg. Both of them have been a real pleasure to work with. Hrima is already 8 years old, but has not been ridden before, because she has been used for breeding. We decided it was about time to give her a break from breeding duties this year. This would give a chance to see her riding abilities and provide us with an idea about what she might pass on to her offsprings.

Hrima turned out to be really easy to break in and she soon started showing a very easy tölt with a very clear beat while carrying herself nicely. Hrima has become the favourite riding horse of both Snejina and Alexia. Maistjarna revealed a lot of personality, but also great willingness to work. The first couple of months were used on the groundwork in walk and trot. Today Maistjarna is carrying herself very nicely and is soft on both sides. We have recently started the tölt work in a low position and this is developing in a very promising way.Maistjarna in training