Háski from Neðri Bakka

Háski is a handsome brown-black gelding born in 2012, who has developed into a reliable, yet fun riding horse. He is 5-gaited, and not only does he display good strides in trot, he also has a high-lifting, smooth tölt. Háski is very well balanced for his age, and will continue getting stronger. He is well-tempered, cooperative and willing to work.


Háski is in price category C. (Please click here for price categories and other sale info ) .This price also includes an offer of a free weekend course. During the course, you will receive training advice and coaching for you and your new horse.

For more information about our training approach and learning outcomes, please visit: http://icehorse.co.nz/training/

Father: Stormur fra Tornbjerg · FF: Gustur frá Grund · FM: Maistjarna fra Tornbjerg

Mother: Hrima from Lukka · MF: Dux von Roetgen · MM: Desilóa frá Torfastöðum