Foals at Nedri Bakki

Nedri Bakki’s foaling season has continued with three more arrivals in the last four days! All three are healthy and energetic, despite the windy weather. The first of the three foals is a red dun filly born on Wednesday (12/11). She is the first foal from Eldmist from Nedri Bakka and her sire is Stormur fra Tornbjerg. The second foal was another filly, who arrived the very next day! She is a chestnut with blaze and is from Maistjarna fra Tornbjerg and Traustur from Nedri Bakka. The last of the three is a black colt who was born this morning (15/11)! He is from Tign fra Ahl and Stormur fra Tornbjerg.

IMG_1680 IMG_1685 IMG_1674