Mares and Filles

Eldtinna fra Ahl


Eldtinna is a black mare born in Denmark May 2007. She is very elegant and showing very good movements. Eldtinna is an excellent horse to ride and has exceptional smooth tolt. She is a naturally collected mare, with a clear beat in tölt.

Eldtinna’s father, Gæfur fra Ebeltoft, is judged in 1. class and has achieved 8.33 in confirmation. He has competed successfully several times at the Danish Championships, latest in 2007 where he (ridden by Tinna Viskum Madsen) won both Gold and Silver. Gæfur also has the highest BLUP for proportion in the world. Eldtinna has a strong nurturing spirit, just like her mother Eldfim frá Narfastöðum.

ELDTINNA FRÁ AHL · DK2007205240 · BLUP 28/12/15: 101

Father: Gæfur frá Ebeltof · FF: Fjölnir frá Kópavogi · FM: Hæra frá Kópavogi

Mother: Eldfim frá Narfastöðum · MF: Ferill frá Kópavogi · MM: Elding frá Narfastöðum


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