Eldþór from Neðri Bakka $11,500

Eldþór is a social, light-chestnut gelding from 2012. He is forward thinking and has a smooth, enjoyable tölt. As well as being calm and easy, this gelding is particularly well-balanced and easy to work with. Eldþór takes new situations and surroundings in his stride with a very leveled yet curious approach.

ELDTOR FROM NEÐRI BAKKA · NZ2012102004 · BLUP 28/12/15: 105

 Father: Stormur fra Tornbjerg · FF: Gustur frá Grund · FM: Maistjarna fra Tornbjerg

Mother: Eldvaka from Neðri Bakka · MF: Jon Forseti frá Ahl · MM: Eldfim frá Narfastöðum

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