Eldþór from Neðri Bakka $11,800



Eldþór is a sociable and five-gaited, handsome, chestnut gelding from 2012. He is forward thinking and has a smooth, enjoyable tölt. As well as responding well to the aids, Eldþór is soft on the bit and willing to work. He has been in training since he was 4, and has developed into a horse who is soft, supple and has well-defined gaits.

Eldþór is easy to work with, and has a very good trot, as well as good canter strides. Eldþór takes new situations and surroundings in his stride with a very levelled, yet curious approach. He is now ready for a rider who is keen to get out and explore, and will also enjoy his smooth gaits and easy disposition!



ELDTOR FROM NEÐRI BAKKA · NZ2012102004 · BLUP 28/12/15: 105

 Father: Stormur fra Tornbjerg · FF: Gustur frá Grund · FM: Maistjarna fra Tornbjerg

Mother: Eldvaka from Neðri Bakka · MF: Jon Forseti frá Ahl · MM: Eldfim frá Narfastöðum

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