Danish Offsprings’ on the way


After a very complicated process, we tried to put all 3 mares in foal with Jón Forseti fra Ahl (Father:Dynur frá Hvammi; FF: Orri frá þúfu; Mother:Jon Forseti Snörp frá Brimilsvöllum; MF: þorri frá þúfu; MMF: Stígur frá Kjartanstöðum) in Denmark. The vets in England have confirmed that Eldfim and Maistjarna are in foal.


We are still not sure whether Tign is in foal, too. Most likely not – the latest bloodtest in New Zealand was negative, but not 100% conclusive. We have therefore decided to wait another month before we completely give up the hope that she might be in foal.