Háski from Neðri Bakka

Háski is a handsome brown-black gelding born in 2012, who has developed into a reliable, yet fun riding horse. He is 5-gaited, and not only does he display good strides in trot, he also has a high-lifting, smooth tölt. Háski is very well balanced for his age, and will continue getting stronger. He is well-tempered, cooperative and willing to work.


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Stjarni from Neðri Bakka

Stjarni is a strongly built, black gelding with a white star. Born in 2011, he has been in training since spring 2016 and is very well-trained for his age. He is light on the reins and sensitive to the aids, making for a soft and supple horse. Stjarni’s preferred gait is tölt, which is very smooth and energetic. Gentle-natured and willing to learn, Stjarni has been a pleasure to train and will be ready to go soon!

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Glæsir from Lukka

Glæsir is a black gelding born in New Zealand in January 2003. He is one of our main riding horses, and is simply a pleasure to ride. Glæsir has a smooth tölt and is very easily collected. He is very calm and easy going, and for that reason he is used a lot when we are training our young horses as hand-horses.


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