Karen Woodrow at Nedri Bakki


Over the last two months – March and April – we had the pleasure to host Karen Woodrow from IceAlexia getting advice from Karenland regularly on our farm. Karen has graduated as horse trainer from the highly demanding Holar College in Iceland. She did an awesome job in sharing both her deep theoretical knowledge and practical skills in both starting young horses and in further training horses with us.

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Helensville Horse Expo


Three Icelandic horses were presented at the recent Helensville Horse Expo. Two horses From Nedri Bakki Icelandic Horses participated in the Helensville expoExpo – Glæsir from Lukka and Hnaggur from Lukka. For first time ever in New Zealand we were able to give a presentation with three horses on the arena at the same time:  Alexia Husted on Hnaggur from Lukka, Jennie Boerema on Biskup frá Wetsinghe, and Kenneth Husted on Glæsir from Lukka.

Another try for Tign fra Ahl


After two new blood samples, we had to conclude that Tign fra Ahl is not any longer in foal by the Danish stallion Jon Forseti fra Ahl. Tign wasTign scanned in August in Denmark and was at that point in foal. Another scanning a few weeks later in the UK was not conclusive but likely negative. In order to be absolutely sure, we have taken two blood samples

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First Icelandic Foal ever born at Neðri Bakki


As any first born, our first foal at Nedri Bakki was, of course, anticipated with a lot of excitment and some anxiety shared by the whole family. TwoHefring and proud mum, Hrima 2 days ago, on the 17th of December, it finally happened. Early in the morning Hrima fra Lukka delivered the first foal ever born at Nedri Bakki – a beautiful black filly.

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Trekking in Waiuku Forest

10/10/2007Family trip in the forest

The long days and the weather in New Zealand are really inviting for creating space for a horse trek in the nearby forest in between all our obligations, tasks and appointments.
Yesterday we managed to enjoy the great views from 4 horse backs in both sun and rain. We are not sure who enjoyed the trek more – the horses or us.

Post-merger integration

10/10/2007Introducing the two groups

Shortly after the new horses arrived from Denmark at Nedri Bakki, the new crew was joined by Hrima, Perla, Desiloa and Sunna. Different from what usually happens in business mergers, the integration process went smoothly and with pretty much excitement. The dynamics at the moment involves the mature mares (Hrima and Eldfim) standing on each side of the herd letting the youngsters having the mid-field.

New Horses from Denmark

20/09/2007 Preparing for the trip- Eldtinna and Stormur

We have bought 5 horses (3 mares and 2 foals) from 2 top studs in Denmark, Ahl and Tornbjerg. It was a long and complicated process to arrange all veterinary tests (those are really numerous!) and organize all formalities related to the transportation of the horses. Checking e-mail during the night was a routine for several weeks!