Karen Woodrow at Nedri Bakki


Over the last two months – March and April – we had the pleasure to host Karen Woodrow from IceAlexia getting advice from Karenland regularly on our farm. Karen has graduated as horse trainer from the highly demanding Holar College in Iceland. She did an awesome job in sharing both her deep theoretical knowledge and practical skills in both starting young horses and in further training horses with us.

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Another try for Tign fra Ahl


After two new blood samples, we had to conclude that Tign fra Ahl is not any longer in foal by the Danish stallion Jon Forseti fra Ahl. Tign wasTign scanned in August in Denmark and was at that point in foal. Another scanning a few weeks later in the UK was not conclusive but likely negative. In order to be absolutely sure, we have taken two blood samples

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Danish Offsprings’ on the way


After a very complicated process, we tried to put all 3 mares in foal with Jón Forseti fra Ahl (Father:Dynur frá Hvammi; FF: Orri frá þúfu; Mother:Jon Forseti Snörp frá Brimilsvöllum; MF: þorri frá þúfu; MMF: Stígur frá Kjartanstöðum) in Denmark. The vets in England have confirmed that Eldfim and Maistjarna are in foal.

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