Riding trail project is ready


After several years of designing, digging, fencing, some more digging and finally spreading pumice to make the trails soft and comfortable for the horses, we are happy and proud to announce that we have finished the riding trail project! We now have 4 km of riding trails throughout the farm which allow for both experiencing riding and enjoying the farm.

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Manners, please!


The breeding season has begun and Traustur will be used in hand breeding this year. He is a responsive and friendly stallion, but as he has notTraustur trained by Vanessa 7 been broken in yet and lived most of the time comparatively indepent from humans as the leader of the bachelor herd, his manners needed a brief brush-up.

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Selling Hrímnir Saddles and Tack in NZ


The team at Neđri Bakki has become exclusive dealer of the Icelandic Hrímnir saddles and tack in NZ. We are excited about the prospect of providing riders in NZ with different models of Hrímnir products. We have imported the first saddles and will be able to show them and pass Hrimnir Saddle them for test riding to interested potential clients.

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28 February 2010 Open Day


More than 100 people attended our first Open Day arrangement in the end of February 2010, organized in collaboration with Skógarrönd. We had28.02.10 Open Day all our horses, including this year’s foals, on the paddocks around the training facilities, exhibition of training material and tack for Icelandic horses, general information about the horses and about IHBRANZ (Icelandic Horses Breeders and Riders Association).

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Icelandic horses in the center of attention


Our horses have been given quite much attention recently. The international magazine for Icelandic horses, Eiđfaxi, published an article aboutScandinavian event 3 Neđri Bakki in its 2008, no. 8 issue. 4 pages were devoted to our stud and to Icelandic horses in New Zealand. The article also reported on the importance of NZ joining FEIF.
We also featured 2 of our horses, Asti and Glaisir, at the very popular Breakfast program on NZ TV1.

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Youth workshop at Vindholar Southern Icelandic

08/04/2009Youth Workshop

Alexia has attended the Icelandic Horses Youth Workshop arranged for IHBRANZ by the Vinbrux family at Vindholar Southern Icelandics. This was an exciting 2-day arrangement with training, a competition and a lot of farm fun. 6 kids at the age from 8 to 13 attended and left with heaps of new knowledge and great memories. Alexia came 3rd in the final competiton.

Hrima and Maistjarna in training

08/12/2008Hrima in training

This spring we have broken in two of our mares, Hrima from Lukka and Maistjarna fra Tornbjerg. Both of them have been a real pleasure to work with. Hrima is already 8 years old, but has not been ridden before, because she has been used for breeding. We decided it was about time to give her a break from breeding duties this year. This would give a chance to see her riding abilities and provide us with an idea about what she might pass on to her offsprings.

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Eldvaka off the milk bottle after 5 and a half months!


A week ago Eldvaka got her last bottle of milk – an event we celebrated with a bottle of a very special Bulgarian wine we bought in Sofia some Eldvaka finally of the milk bottlemonths ago. She is now a strong, happy and energetic filly roaming around. While slightly exhausted, we are proud of the outcome of our 5 and a half months bottle feeding exercises.

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Clinic with Herdís Reynisdóttir (Dísa) from Iceland


Nedri Bakki Icelandic Horse Center was the host of a clinic which took place on the 22nd and 23rd of November with featuring certified riding Horse clinic with Disateacher and Icelandic horse trainer from Hólar and certified international breeding judge Herdís Reynisdóttir (Dísa). The clinic was arranged in the framework of IHBRANZ. Nine keen Icelandic horse owners from both the North and the South Island in New Zealand participated in the clinic which consisted of both theory and training.

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New filly at Nedri Bakki

28/05/2008One week old

On the 28th of May one of our imported mares from Denmark, Eldfim frá Narfastöðum delivered a chestnut filly. This is the second filly born on our farm. We named the new arrival Eldvaka from Nedri Bakka. In Icelandic language “eld” means “fire” and “vaka” means “awake”. The filly is very much awake and she decided to keep us awake too: the long way Eldfim had to undertake from Denmark to NZ resulted in her not being able to produce milk this time, so we are bottle-feeding Eldvaka.

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