2nd North Island Icelandic Horse Event Weekend

We will be hosting an Icelandic Horse event weekend, following up from the successful weekend which the Douglas family organised in May 2016.

Dates: April 1 (Saturday) and April 2 (Sunday)

Place: Neđri Bakki Stud, Pukekohe (www.icehorse.co.nz )

This fun Icelandic horse event weekend is for riders of all ages and with all different levels of riding abilities. Bring your Icelandic horse(s), family members and/or friends and have some fun. There will be games and competitions where both individual riders and teams can shine! Activities during the weekend will include a “Mini endurance race”, an obstacle course type competition, best presented horse and rider competition, a tölting competition, and more.

Please e-mail us (husted.kenneth@gmail.com ) by 15 March if you are interested in attending. In your email please indicate whether you plan to participate both days or just one (please specify which one), and how many people will attend. Please also indicate whether you will bring your own horse(s) and if so, how many.

We are looking forward to hosting the event!

The Neđri Bakki Team

(Kenneth, Snejina, and Alexia)

Icelandic Horse Clinic 2015

In the beginning of December (4-6th) we hosted our annual Icelandic Horse clinic here at Neđri Bakki. We had two trainers, Guðbjörg Matthíasdóttir and Ólöf Rúnworkshop Guðmundsdóttir, coaching participants throughout the weekend. Guðbjörg and Ólöf both graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Riding & Riding Instruction from Hólar University in Iceland, the official centre for education and research in horse-breeding and horsemanship. They had many exciting and innovative approaches when working with the Icelandics, and provided excellent expertise!

We had a successful turnout with seven participants in total, and we were lucky with the lasting good weather. Both of the trainers had been working with all of the horses for varying periods before-hand, and the aim of the clinic was to work towards goals that the riders set, as well as increasing the knowledge of participants about the training of Icelandic Horses and how to do so in an enjoyable way for both rider and horse.

workshop 2IMG_7770workshop 3


Neᴆri Bakki will host two highly educated trainers, Guðbjörg Matthíasdóttir and Ólöf Rún Guðmundsdóttir, on site for training Icelandic horses and/or riders. They will stay with us from 11 November to 8 December 2015. Both Guðbjörg and Ólöf have been riding and training horses since early age. They have professionally trained Icelandics since 2006, and have both recently graduated from Holar.

There are a few different options in which you can make use of Guðbjörg’s and Ólöf’s knowledge. 2-3 week training of your horse, a 3 day workshop, and/or individual sessions. Click here to see more information these options.

Foals at Nedri Bakki

Nedri Bakki’s foaling season has continued with three more arrivals in the last four days! All three are healthy and energetic, despite the windy weather. The first of the three foals is a red dun filly born on Wednesday (12/11). She is the first foal from Eldmist from Nedri Bakka and her sire is Stormur fra Tornbjerg. The second foal was another filly, who arrived the very next day! She is a chestnut with blaze and is from Maistjarna fra Tornbjerg and Traustur from Nedri Bakka. The last of the three is a black colt who was born this morning (15/11)! He is from Tign fra Ahl and Stormur fra Tornbjerg.

IMG_1680 IMG_1685 IMG_1674

SPRING CLINIC 18-19 October!

Spring Clinic At Nedri Bakki
18 – 19 October 2014

It is time to bring yourself and your horse to Ne₫ri Bakki for the spring clinic which will take place from Saturday, October 18, 10 am until Sunday, October 19, 3 pm. This year the clinic will cover topics that are relevant for optimising the training of more experienced horses, namely those that have been in training for at least a year. (We will have our traditional young horse clinic in December this year).
In particular, we will spend time on the following issues: how to approach training in order to minimise the use of the aids (good both for the horse and the rider), the role of the seat and how to get the most out of the aids, gait training and especially exercises for improving steadiness and clear rhythm in walk and toelt. If there is interest and time, we can also look into topics such as how to work with hand-horses and start jumping with Icelandics (never going to be a high flyer, but can be fun anyway).
The clinic is based on a combination of theory, group sessions and individual sessions.
The price for members of IceHNZ is $ 180 per rider/horse. If you have bought a horse from Ne₫ri Bakki and are bringing it to the clinic, the price is $ 125 per rider/horse. We will have a limited number of well-trained horses available if you can’t bring your own horse. Please add $ 65 to the price for the clinic if you want to make use of this option. Please send your registration to info@icehorse.co.nz.

Equidays 2011


IHBRANZ participated in Equidays 2011 to promote Icelandic horses in New Zealand. Equidays is the newest equine showcase and the 1st event of this kind in the country. It has the ambition to become New Zealand’s ultimate equine industry event. It took place from 18 to 20 November at the Mystery Creek Events Centre, Hamilton, about 100 km from where we live.

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