Asti from Lukka

Asti from Lukka is a reliable, NZ born, palomino-pinto gelding, born on 01/12/2006. He was first trained when he was four by Kenneth
HustedDSC04510 and is an excellent horse with many redeeming qualities. Asti has built up muscle, stamina and endurance over the years, and is exceptionally strong, as well as  flexible from warm-ups and tolt training. Asti is brilliant when ridden and is an absolute pleasure to ride. He has had many riders on him and is gentle to everyone. He is energetic and spirited, yet also calm and easygoing. His tolt is smooth and is open to any speed, and the same gDSC04532oes for his trot and canter. Congratulations to his new owner! We are happy that Asti is going to a great home.

             ASTI FROM LUKKA · NZ2005102006 


Asti gets along with all horses, both in the paddock and out of the paddock, and was often ridden with other horses. He has been ridden in the arena and out on forest trails and he seems to always thoroughly enjoy a good workout, including a nice relaxed ride. His behavior is exemplary, both towards people and animals. He is not easily scared, just like most Icelandic Horses and has never bolted before. Asti’s colour (palomino pinto) also shows beautifully. The meaning of his name is ‘Kind’ and he is very well named! Since he is calm, gentle and experienced, yet alert, he is great for all levels!


F: Hvinur from Lukka    FF: Dux Von Roetgen    FM: Sunna from Laugabæ
M: Desilóa frá Torfastöðum    MF: Goði frá Sauðárkróki     MM: Kvika frá Litlu-Tungu

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